Modular Buildings

Factory built modular buildings are a fast and flexible way of providing additional space.

modular buildingsModular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time. Modular buildings are produced in “modules” that when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent and specifications of the most sophisticated site-built facility – without compromise.- Modular Building Institute

  • Less Material Waste – Modular construction makes it possible to optimize construction materials purchases and usage while minimizing onsite waste and offering a higher quality product to the buyer.
According to the UK group WRAP, up to a 90% reduction in materials can be achieved through the use of modular construction. Materials minimized include: wood pallets, shrink wrap, cardboard, plasterboard, timber, concrete, bricks, and cement.
  • Less Site Disturbance – The modular structure is constructed off-site simultaneous to foundation and other site work, thereby reducing the time and impact on the surrounding site environment, as well as reducing the number of vehicles and equipment needed at the site.
  • Greater Flexibility and Reuse – When the needs change, modular buildings can be disassembled and the modules relocated or refurbished for their next use reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the amount of energy expended to create a building to meet the new need. In some cases, the entire building can be recycled.
  • Improved Air Quality – Many of the indoor air quality issues identified in new construction result from high moisture levels in the framing materials. Construction occurs primarily indoors away from harsh weather conditions preventing damage to building materials and eliminating the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the new construction.

We work with a number of modular buildings providers from design stage to delivery – which can be  a matter of just a few days.

These buildings can be provided for almost any purpose – a village shop, hospital, office or school.

We work with 9 County Councils ensuring compliance with Part L of the regulations.

If you are in need of additional accommodation FAST – we can help arrange a suitable provider.

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